DJ Mo Beatz

DJ Mo Beatz


Africa Tour

28th/29th June 2013


At the ages of 14, DJ Mo Beatz acquired his name from making beats with his hands on the school lunchroom table as his peers rapped to his creative melodies. Soon after, his love for music pulled him into the world of DJing and he entered his first DJ battle; this proved to be something grand. With a prestigious panel of judges, including official elite Detroit on-air radio mixer DJ Kim “The Spin-Doctor” James noticing Mo Beatz’ talents was inevitable. Considering the fact that his native city of Detroit carries the tough standards of success in the music industry, Mo Beatz combined his passion for music and DJing skills to take on the challenge. Inspired and influenced by legends such as DJ Don Q, DJ A-Track, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Blast and more have helped mold Mo Beatz into the successful DJ and individual he is today.